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Our Staff work hard to keep your gear tuned, waxed, comfortable and safe. If you have any questions about the services listed below, stop by our shop or call 250-578-6930.


Skis  $55 

Snowboard $60

Burrs are removed by hand, then the edges are sharpened and set by machine. Hot wax is applied by hand, allowed to set, then the bases are scraped and brushed.


As damage varies, this service is by quote only.

P-Tex, a material similar to the base of skis and snowboards, is deposited into gouges, holes or scratches in the base. with a hot iron. Once the P-Tex is cool we scrap off any excess, leaving you with a smooth, fast base!


New Skis (fresh mount) $45

Previously mounted skis (re-mount) $55

Snowboard $45

We carry a selection of bindings from Tyrolia, Atomic, Marker and G3. Buy bindings from us and the mount is free!


$35/30 minutes


Yes, it is possible for ski boots to be comfortable!

We carry a wide selection of boots from Lange, Technica, Atomic, Dalbello and Head, and we'll work with you to find a boot to match your foot shape. 


Boot fitting takes this process a step further, by heating, punching, stretching, cutting, grinding and padding the boots to accommodate your ankle shape, bunions, bones and leg alignment. 

We also carry a selection of customizable footbeds to offer support to your unique foot, and provide a stable, supported base for energy transfer up the entire leg. Keeping your feet in a strong structural position will make you a better skier.

Buy your boots at McSporties and the initial fitting, plus one follow-up session are included.


$200 Skis 

To get your Ski as ready as possbile for Race Season McSporties are  exited to offer this NEW Sevice.

This Sevice includes.



Side and Base Edge

Hot Scrape


Extra Wax

If you're new to racing or just not sure what any of this means, stop by and chat with one of our expert tuning staff.


$179 Skis

$199 Snowboard

PHANTOM’s patent-pending polymer technology offers ultimate convenience combined with great glide performance that never wanes across all snow temperatures. 


A permanent, one-time application, this waxless base treatment forever eliminates the need for waxing skis and snowboards.



 $35 Skis

$35 Snowboards 

Hot wax is applied to the base, allowed to cool and set, then the skis or snowboard is scraped and brushed. This keeps your bases fast, and prevents the buildup of snow and ice that can cling to the dry, porous surface of the base.


$54 Skis 

$58 Snowboard

Belt polishing provides minor resurfacing of the ski or snowboard base, making it fast and smooth.


$99 Skis

$99 Snowboard

Includes base repair, edge sharpening, hot wax and stone grind.

FULL MEAL DEAL (no stone)

$89.99 Ski

$89.99 Snowboard

Includes base repair, edge sharpening and hot wax.



To get the most out of race skis, it's important to perform a full race tune. This includes peeling the sideways, filing and setting the base and side edge angles, sanding the top sheet and cleaning the bases by applying hot wax and scraping the wax off while it is still warm

If you're new to racing or just not sure what any of this means, stop by and chat with one of our expert tuning staff.

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