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Our bike rental fleet is on sale! 

Looking for a great deal on an E-bike? We're selling our fleet of Rossignol E-Track Trail and Rossignol All Track DH bikes! Stop by the shop or call us at 250-852-0848 or email
Rental bikes are serviced every time they're used by our trained service technicians who use high-quality parts. It's important to us that the products we sell are of the highest quality - including any previously rented products.
If you're not ready to commit, we're still taking bookings for rentals - Click here to book your next adventure!





The Rossignol E Track Trail is a full-suspension electric assist bike that delivers high performance, stable handling and a comfortable ride for all-day adventure. Combining the power of a Shimano E8000 motor with the performance of the Split Pivot suspension design, the E Track Trail delivers unrivaled performance on all trails. Powered by a 500Wh battery, the range can reach up to 120Km. When climbing or descending, the E-Track Trail offers outstanding performance and comfort.

The Rossignol All Track DH is built for riders looking for extreme thrills. Downhill, or "DH," rides feature the steepest, rockiest and most technical trails on the mountain. These black diamond runs demand the performance of the All Track DH's advanced dual-suspension design. This gives experienced riders world-class handling capabilities for fast descents and novice downhill riders the confidence to push themselves towards the ultimate adrenaline rush. The All Track DH's rugged aluminum frame is built to handle the toughest trails. It also sports capable climbing characteristics for backcountry adventures away from the ski lifts. 

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