Fall Sale on 2014-2015 Skis & Equipment*

WB = bindings included in price

Bent Chetler, 183/192cm    $449
Bent Chetler Jr., 133cm    $299WB
Automatic 117, 179/186/193cm    $549
Ritual, 174/190cm    $549
Theory, 168/177cm    $495
Automatic 109, 175cm    $495
Blackeye Ti, 160/167/174cm    $495WB
Blackeye, 174cm    $339WB
Temper, 165cm    $549WB
Infamous, 171/176cm    $229
Century 109, 159/167cm    $499
Century 100, 146/166cm    $349
Millennium, 161cm    $399
Supreme, 165cm    $495WB
Afinity Storm, 167cm    $499WB
Afinity Pure, 142cm    $399WB
Punk Jr III, 140cm    $249WB
Race Adult GS & SL    $695WB
Race Jr. GS & SL    $449WB

Chiara, 148/162cm    $479WB
Kenja, 149cm    $595WB
Aura, 156cm    $595WB
RTM81, 161cm    $649WB
RTM84, 176cm    $689WB
Kendo, 170cm    $549WB
Kendo, 170/177cm    $619WB
Mantra, 170cm    $649WB
Gotama, 170/178/186cm    $649WB
Bridge, 163/171cm    $449

KOA84, 159cm    $395WB
RC RC4, 180cm    $649WB
Jr Race, 120SL/135/145/150/155/160cm    $449WB

BMX98, 158cm    $399
MX98, 174/184cm    $1099WB
MX88, 168/188cm    $949WB
MX93, 163/173/183cm    $899WB
FX94, 166/176cm    $795WB
LX82, 156/164/172cm    $795WB

SKI LOGIK – Goddess, 166cm    $449
ROSSI – Temptation 78, 166cm    $449WB
K2 – Super Smooth, 153cm    $349WB
DYNASTAR – Cham 97, 172cm    $479WB

FALL 2015 SALE all other stock up to 60% OFF

* Prices do not include applicable taxes.  Available with quantities last.
Open:  Call for Fall hours 2015, daily starting in November 2015
Email info@www.mcsporties.com or call Ian at 250-319-1097 and he can arrange to meet you at the shop