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WB = bindings included in price

Bent Chetler, 192cm    $495
Ritual, 190cm    $495
Blackeye Ti, 174cm    $579WB
Blackeye, 174cm    $329WB
Temper Ti, 165cm    $595WB
Infamous, 176cm    $239
Century 109, 167cm    $499WB
Century 102, 164cm    $479WB
Century 100, 144cm    $349
Supreme, 165cm    $349
Affinity Pure, 148cm    $429WB
Affinity Storm, 167cm    $499WB

Chiara, 148/155/163cm    $595WB
Aura, 156cm    $349
Mantra, 170cm    $429WB

FISCHER Ranger 96, 186cm    $449WB

SKI LOGIK – Goddess, 166cm    $459

HEAD – Rev 85, 163cm    $495WB

Cham, 172cm    $499WB
Course Ti, 177cm   $595WB
Legend Pro Rider, 115cm    $349WB

…WINTER 2015 SALE lots of other deals on new equipment available in store for 2015-2016 season

* Prices do not include applicable taxes.  Available with quantities last.
Open:  8am-8pm daily for 2015-2016 Winter Season
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